The Tyler Academy is dedicated to the practice & teaching of effective, established Complimentary therapies. The Academy currently offers learning opportunities as both full time courses & continual professional development study.

The main focus of the Academy is the Sarling Technique of Body Mechanics Therapy, discover how the Tyler Academy can enhance your current career as a complimentary therapist. Or study the Sarling Technique of BMT Diploma course.

The Tyler Academy also encompasses a full time clinic offering Body Mechanics Therapy treatments by fully qualified therapists.

Prevention is at the heart of the Sarling technique, and so Laura offers consultation on posture and alignment issues for the prevention of back pain and RSI. This is available as one to one tuition, class lectures, or consultation on body use and posture in the work place.

The Clinic offers relaxation massage for expectant mums and in 2008, the Tyler Academy introduced 'Baby Bliss' a programme of Baby Massage Classes, pregnancy massage and labour massage lessons for mum to be's partner.

What is the Sarling Technique of Body Mechanics?

The Sarling technique of Body Mechanics Therapy was established in 1970 by Olive Glasgow-Collins (formerly Olive Sarling.) Her Grandaughter Laura Breen now presents the Tyler Academy; an independant school teaching the theory and practice of Body Mechanics. 'Body Mechanics' is a term used to describe the 'mechanics' of the human body, looking at movement and injury from a logical approach considering the anatomical abilities and restraints of our bodies. The Sarling Technique is a complimentary therapy based on principles of Body Mechanics, used internationally to ease pain and prevent injury, through safe exercise, body alignment and remedial clinical massage techniques.

The Sarling technique of Body Mechanics therapy specialises in back care and body alignment, but can be used to address a variety of conditions including the treatment and prevention of sports injuries, back pain, joint aches, sciatica, muscular pains & more.

 Occassionally with the permission of individuals, students will assist with treatments allowing the patient to benefit from 'an extra pair of hands' while they gain all important experience in a supervised environment.

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